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Order of Cultivation - Freedom Farmer - Vinyl Decal

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Order of Cultivation – Freedom Farmer decals for indoor & outdoor application on smooth hard surfaces. United States of Cannabis decals are waterproof and last for years without fading.

  • High-quality die-cut vinyl
  • Small & large sizes available
  • 112 Outdoor & 94 Indoor available vinyl colors
  • Application Kit & Instructions included with every order
  • Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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7.0" x 8.1", 8.0" x 9.2", 9.0" x 10.4", 10.0" x 11.5", 11.0" x 12.7", 12.0" x 13.9", 14.0" x 16.2", 16.0" x 18.5", 18.0" x 20.8", 20.0" x 23.1", 22.00" x 25.4"


Black, Matte Black, White, Matte White, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Copper Metallic, Immitation Gold, Golden Yellow, Signal Yellow, Yellow, Light Yellow, Brimstone Yellow, Purple Red, Burgundy, Dark Red, Red, Light Red, Orange Red, Orange, Light Orange, Pastel Orange, Coral, Purple, Violet, Lavender, Lilac, Pink, Soft Pink, Deep Sea Blue, Steel Blue, Dark Blue, King Blue, Cobalt Blue, Brilliant Blue, Blue, Traffic Blue, Gentian, Gentian Blue, Azure Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Ice Blue, Turquose Blue, Turquoise, Mint, Dark Green, Forest Green, Green, Grass Green, Light Green, Yellow Green, Lime-Tree Green, Brown, Nut Brown, Light Brown, Beige, Cream, Dark Grey, Grey, Telegrey, Middle Grey, Light Grey


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